Wednesday, July 28, 2010



adalah sebuah lagu

but it is a crap song!!

even though i never listen malay songs anymore

but i never expected to sing this song at the stage for the shit event

this song is really terrible

someone said to me that i just have miming at the stage

but it make me foolish at the stage

im not gonna to have humiliation on that particular time but i have to bcoz

of my classmate

there is a lot of malay song from ct nurhaliza,m nasir,kopratasa n other but why choose that terrible song without discussion.

i dont get it?

its better to choose ana raffali songs rather that song-TETAMU SENJA

tonight,we have a rehearseal and im gonna to let my pride down on the stage bcoz oF tetamu senja song.

hey!im not gonna sing that crap song.SO,SING YOURSELF!!!!