Tuesday, October 12, 2010

ntah ape ape jek la ...

huhu perFeCT oR not.......

im admitted that im not perfect

but i think peoples can condemn me easily by your words.

i dont even know you

you such a thrash

i don t even care wat are you said...

go to the hell with that...

hmmm about the previous post

i think i have right to CURSE them

no matter how peoples said about me


huhuhu wat ever......

you such a bitch come out from puppy's back

besides, i dont say all MINAH BERTUDUNG BODOH.....(kejap pakai tudung kejap x ade ati nak mengutuk aq) YUCKSSSS bajet HOT jek

Can you understand it!!

nahhhh im understand you are such a FREAK

I DONT even care if someones want to critics my idOL

wat i care.....

it's just my opinions

you dont have even care..................

about im qualified or not to be here!!

of coz im qualified,you just such a desperate person to attack peoples like that coz you are surrounding by your MULUT LONGKANG

I think if you want to be here one day,huhu you're not disqualified due to your TIGHT JEANS

surrounding by your body..... OHHH forget

come on

it just post....... and i dont even care what are you writing in your post.....just read and BLAH after that

dont want to quarrel witH UNKNOWN Peoples

p/s:no matter who you are,i dont know you,so plz sit quiely in your place and ignore my blog
if you dont like it

pendek cite x de kuase lah nak gaduh ngan orang yang x kenal lebih2 lagi bermulut LONGKANG cam ko bercampur tudung lilit kain kapan ko tu bersame jeans ketat yang mampu buat sistem peranakan ko merana...................

bye bye

have a nice day

TOday will never become a FAIRYTALE(modified lagu taylor swift yang x sedap langsunng tu)

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