Monday, October 25, 2010


The bar graph shows the reason why peoples blog.A study was carried out to find out why

the peoples blog.From the table,we can deduce that they are six main reasons why peoples have

a blog.

A large numbers of peoples said that money is the main reason why they have a

blog.However less than half of the respondents said that the blog is just for networking.A

possible reason for this difference would be that the peoples know to find the money through the

blog but now peoples are not knowing blog as a networking.It is more than that.

The peoples like to have blog just for fun.Probably it is the effective way to express their

feelings or tell their story on the blog.Then,they will enjoy it.

About 230 respondents think that blog is important to introduce themselves to the other

peoples through the profile.This is the best way to get know other peoples.

The other minor reason why peoples had a blog is to raise their business.Now,businessmen

is awaring the important of blog on their business.They can increase their selling and

productivity too.

It is maybe other reason why peoples have a blog.Maybe it is just to share the useful

information to others especially students.

From the information given in the bar graph,it can be concluded that blog is very important

social networking to peoples for many reasons.This study reveals that the reason why peoples

have a blog.

note:this is just practises for my upcoming english language essay examination.let me know if

there are some grammatical errors.thank you for your reading.have a nice day

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