Wednesday, February 16, 2011

How to Tell a Person's Personality Based on Their Music Collection

Step 1: Identify genres

Break down the music collection by genre. Focus on 23 broad categories — alternative rock, bluegrass, blues, classical, country, electronica, folk, funk, gospel, heavy metal, indie rock, jazz, new age, oldies, opera, pop, punk, rap/hip-hop, reggae, religious music, rock and roll, soul/R&B, and world music.

Step 2: Look for complexity

To tell if someone might be inventive and imaginative, look for a collection filled with bluegrass, blues, classical, folk, jazz, new age, opera, and world music. Researchers have also found that people who like these genres tend to be tolerant and liberal.

Step 3: Find a rocker

Confronted by a collection with a lot of rock and roll, alternative rock, heavy metal, punk? The owner is likely curious and athletic and considers themselves to be intelligent. Be careful — rock fans enjoy taking risks!

Step 4: Find someone reliable

Searching for stability? Country, gospel, oldies, pop, and religious music fans tend to be conservative, reliable and helpful, as well as cheerful and outgoing.

People who like soundtracks and theme music also tend to have these personality traits.

Step 5: Energetic and rhythmic

When a music collection focuses on funk, rap and hip-hop, electronica, R&B, reggae, and soul, you’ve probably found a talkative and energetic person, who’s also extremely liberal. And don’t worry if you haven’t heard of all the artists in their library — these people are usually very forgiving.

p/s:ok i think step 5 is the most suitable for me...ok im talkative,energetic and reliable

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