Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ten healthiest sport in the world

yeaah that entry above based on FORBES magazine

here there are 10 healthiest games:

1. Squash
2. Rowing
3. Rock Climbing
4. Swimming
5. Cross-country Skiing
6. Basketball
7. Cycling
8. Running
9. Modern Pentathlon
10. Boxing
haha FOOTBALL,RUGBY,BADMINTON are not in this list....

There are some reasons why squash is good:

a.indoor sunburn on ur face

b.u will run around the court to hit the need to jog or run outside.

c.Ur muscle will stretch and ur flexbility will become good

d.not always to hit so hard unlike badminton need net like badminton

p/s :yesterday i won 5 thriller set with my H....11-9,12-10,4-11,3-11,11-9

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