Wednesday, June 20, 2012


It was a lot happen in twice...neither good or bad things.But actulally i dont really LIKE number 2

maybe it's just like bad omen to me haha.....IT WAS A LOT HAPPEN IN TWICE...SEE!!! it was second

time!!!.Most muslims women dont like to be a second wife....hik3

so,take a look what happen to me in second times:

2    -  Second time got same exam result. :)
2    -  I WAS LETTING MY HEART GOT HURT 4 SECOND TIMES.i have no intention make it third.
2    - Just beat someone in squash court for the second row...glad to see him out of his breath
2    -Cheryl cole was just released her album's called A MILLION LIGHTS
2    -Dont forget Adam Lambert released her second album-TREEPASSING

NOTA CAKAR: Cam org x btol speaking tetiba.....time mase sekolah dulu slalu dapat no 2 SBB tu
                            x suke no 2 .lupe nak ucap tahniah dan selamat kpd adikku MOHD HILMI AFIQ
                            yg akan melanjutkan pelajaran di Kolej Bandar Utama sbg persediaan
                            sblum gi jerman.JEBAT SON'S WILL RULLING DE WORLD!!

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